Rammstein singer Till Lindemann makes an unusual call

Rammstein singer Till Lindemann makes an unusual call

Till Lindemann is the lead singer of the German rock band Ramstein.Photo: Imago Images / Itar-Tass

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Just in time for the start of the new year Rammstein singer Till Lindemann calls an unusual art film a vegan 2022. With Art Movie, it shows the recognized meat lover Plant-based meat alternatives taste good and you don’t have to miss out on anything by eating them.

Lindemann advocates a purely vegetarian diet

In the movie, Till Lindemann — disguised as Karl Lagerfeld — eats a vegan burger made with vegan chicken from LikeMeat’s organic soy protein. The campaign wants to draw attention to a non-profit vegan organization and inspiring as many people as possible to try an all-vegetarian diet in January 2022. The goal of the movement is not only to improve the health of the participants, but above all to protect the environment and contribute to animal welfare.

In the appearance of Karl Lagerfeld, Till Lindemann announces "vegetarian".

In Karl Lagerfeld’s appearance, Till Lindemann advertised as “vegetarian.”null / PRESS FACTORY GmbH

Vegetarian not Karl Lagerfeld

in the development of this artistic film The musician was inspired by the looks, gestures and facial expressions of German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. With this approach, LikeMeat wants to convey it Vegetarian eating is just a passing fadBut it has established itself as a base for the future.

The Art Movie is already the Rammstein singer’s second “Food Performance”: Lindemann has released an art movie for Veganuary 2021, in which the artist is inspired by Andy Warhol.

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