Radradra, a dream that cannot be reached until 2023

Radradra, a dream that cannot be reached until 2023

Semi Radradra, who has made UBB happy for two seasons, will not return to the Gironde this summer. The Fijian centre, which is fueling rumors in the top 14, should already go to the end of his contract in Bristol, in 2023. So? everything is possible. Then Bordeaux sees himself taking it back.

Rumors have spread in England in recent days. The British press even made tons of it. Semi Radradra could leave Bristol at the end of the season to return to France, due to a boosted salary cap. The Fijian International Center, considered one of the best centers in its position on the rugby planet, will be in contact with RCT, who wore his colors in 2016-2017, especially UBB, where he played two seasons from 2018 to 2020. However, the reality is quite different.

Radradra (29, 11 picks) is on contract until 2023. That’s what his coach mentioned again this week. “There is no decision that can be made about Sami’s future,” Pat Lamm said firmly. “There is speculation from everyone, but he is ultimately under contract. He’s been phenomenal since he’s been here.” The end of the story for this year. If the union of Bordeaux Bigley, Toulon and even the French stadium tested the pitch, everyone was soon disappointed.

Marty: “We’ve maintained excellent relationships”

“I found out in the press, Bordeaux president Laurent Martí told RMC Sport. So I called Semi Radradra’s agent, who was completely wrong and who assured me that Bristol had no intention of giving up Semi Radradra. When questioned about his future he considers Japan. England and Bordeaux could concern him Also. But he’s not free, he’s never liberated, he’s never decided. We can imagine Japan could try that.”

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If he fails to recruit him this season, will the Bordeaux Beagle set themselves up to sign him once the 2023 World Cup is over? The idea is clearly attractive. “If he confirms, at some point, that he wants to leave England and that he wants to watch what is happening in France, we will of course watch. We have maintained excellent personal relations with him. He is also with the whole group of UBB, often sending letters indicating that returning to Bordeaux will not anger him.

Three weeks ago, the Fijians went to Bordeaux to settle the daily chores. This was considered by some for another sign towards his return to his current number two spot in 14th place. It is not. The team coached by Christoph Orius has since positioned itself at New Zealand’s Biarritz Francis Sayle, with concrete connections, but a deal has not been sealed as shown on Tuesday. For the upcoming season, UBB is already well supplied for the job anyway, with Yoram Moefana, Pablo Uberti, Jean-Baptiste Dubié, Rémi Lamerat but also Tani Vili. The latter will arrive from Claremont and raise many hopes for his future club. Always with Radradra in the back of my mind…

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