Historic GPX in Goodwood: The Beautiful, the Raw and the Gentle!

Historic GPX in Goodwood: The Beautiful, the Raw and the Gentle!

Of course, during an event like a members meeting, there are only rare, amazing, even amazing or amazing cars in the ring! GPX Historic contributed to the success of this 79th edition. A branch of the GB Extreme Group that restores, equips and races the vintage rival cars lining Goodwood a slim and streamlined Formula 1 Mugen, the glamorous and evocative McLaren M1B-Chevrolet… and the alluring Renault 4CV that wreaked havoc in the hearts of the crowd at Goodwood!

For us little French

In her blue dress from France, this weekend’s “Little Reggie” was the first 4CV seen at the former RAF airport, located near Chichester in West Sussex. Fall under the influence of magic editor for the site goodwood.com He devoted a fiery article to him.

Despite its good looks, Renault 4CV has had a great sporting career. He has starred in major events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans (from 1949 to 1954) with two victories in two classes, the Mont Ventoux Hill Climb, the Monte-Carlo Rally and the Mille Miglia.

His driver at Goodwood was none other than GP Extreme General Manager Pierre-Brice Mina. More accustomed to the Formula 1 cars of the 1970s, he couldn’t believe he attracted so much interest with a popular car that was originally intended for Mr. and Mrs. Everyone. “This 4CV enthusiasm is really cool. The tires are very narrow, tend to tip over and have been known to spin fast!”

Queen McLaren

GPX Historic brought to Goodwood a machine with decidedly brutal character. The McLaren M1B is an evolution of New Zealand’s first sports car, Bruce McLaren. She has raced from 1965 in the USSR and Kanam Championships in North America as well as in Group G on the other side of the Atlantic. Its chassis was designed by engineers Tyler Alexander and Robin Heard, who both had a long career in Formula 1, while we owe its captivating chassis to painter Michael Turner.

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This was his first outing under the historic GPX banner. Stuart Hall, the first hour GP Extreme adventure buddy, felt he had a potential winner on his hands at Goodwood, but wasn’t sure due to a technical issue.

The unbearable lightness of the V10 era

In the three-car power meter introduced by GPX Historic, the 720 horsepower of the Mugen-Honda 3.5L V10 engine from Footwork FA14/01 that Goodwood participated in the “The V10 Era” demo was reached. This Formula 1 is a true featherweight with a weight of 505 kg. To compare with the 798kg (with driver) for the current F1 singles seats.

Jake Hill, who rode it during this members meeting, is an excellent Goodwood track specialist at his peak at 28… a year younger than his horse. The Footwork team was called Arows before 1991 and after 1996. During the 1993 Formula 1 World Championship, he held the starting seats Derek Warwick and Aguri Suzuki.

The FA14/01 will be eligible for another prestigious ‘demo’, reserved for F1 cars from 1988 to 1994: which will take place from 25-27 November as part of the second edition of Historic Dubai Grand Prix revived by Gulf Historic. Promoting this premier meeting in the world of motorsports in the Middle East will, as in 2021, ensure GPX Event, the events branch of the GP Extreme Group. Not to be missed unless you have a very good excuse!

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