Radio France has launched a new call for applications for its “Common Transmission” – photo

Radio France has launched a new call for applications for its “Common Transmission” – photo

for 3y In the year in a row, Radio France has renewed its “Joint Go” ad space, which will allow 10 organizations (compared to 10 in previous years) to actively promote Go to take advantage of the free ad space on their antennas. This time the advertising agency of the Public Broadcasting Group is joined by France Télévisions and FranceTV Publicité, which will also provide selected projects with advertising space on its channels and the France Télévisions website.

For this new edition, the call for applications, which will end May 31, will focus on two new themes: Biodiversity, an approach based on “Landscapes and Biodiversity: Protection and Development of Hedges and Hedges”; Climate Change, Habitats and Climate: Energy Sobriety in Housing and Buildings Approach. Actors working “actively” in favor of the ecological transition such as NGOs, associations and other non-profit private actors can benefit from the free availability of a media plan on the antennas of Radio France open to advertising: France Inter, franceinfo and France Bleu, as well as the channels and website of France Télévisions Group: France 2, France 3 and France 5. The 10 projects (7 national broadcasting projects and 3 regional projects), including broadcasts during 2023, will be appointed by a committee composed of 10 members including 1 Radio France employee and 1 employee In France Télévisions and 8 independent and recognized experts in the fields of the environment, the world of associations and the social and solidarity economy. To consult in the call for applications, he is here.

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