E = M6 Photography at Mont-Saint-Michel

E = M6 Photography at Mont-Saint-Michel

Early in the morning Mac Lesggy explored the scenery offered by the abbey’s west terrace. © Thomas Meslin

With sparkling eyes and a dazzling smile, Mac Lesggy strolls around the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. He’s here with his squad 3 days of shooting. Presentation topic: Mont Saint-Michel, the treasure of our heritage, defies the laws of science!

We are always in trouble coming here. It is an extraordinary place, with this contrast between the endless horizon and this beautiful granite, which the abbey exaggerates.

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technological achievement

Presenter of the popular science TV show E = M6An agricultural engineer by training tells us the secrets of his photography. “How can we to build high and in Such difficult conditions ? This is what I want to explain. For that we’ll see How to replace the stones of the eastern wallwhich is in renewalput it in the drawer, which is a very accurate technology. I will try myself in one mode. It is a construction site that has been done Stone after stone And who is real Technological prowess ! »

He will accompany him to the site Francois Guinochief engineer of the historical monuments of the canal.

To push the explanations a bit further, Mac Lesggy will meet with stonecutterin the Côte d’Armor region, which manufactures the stones used in the restoration of the wall.

Mont Saint-Michel and its inseparable bay

Mac Lesggy is also interested in Environment of Mont Saint-Michel Bay. will go in Quicksandto explain the phenomenon. We will talk about spring tideto explain why they are there The most important in Franceand the Water removal work made around Mont-Saint-Michel, so that it regains its secluded character, ”explains the host. All this is embellished with explanations and Reconstructions in the labFlag display required.

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to historical partHe is with the lecturer mentor Francois Saint James That Mac Lesggy will conjure architectural characteristicsand will return to Traces left Through different eras and reconstructions.

Mac Leslie and the English Channel

“The last time I came to Mont-Saint-Michel was 17 years ago, with family. We were wearing bathing suits. under the cold, between Tomblin and Mont. We’re back to get to the shelter! He says. »

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“The most amazing thing here is geology. there Ecalgrain BayClose The Hague, and its rocks are among the oldest in France. I shot in Granville, which hides a wonderful heritage. to Utah Beachwhere we redesigned the landing scene with fake GI’The facilitator smiles.

” I dream to make an offer about Cherbourg Dam, an underwater dam built in the eighteenth century to counter the English. »

The E=M6 program will be broadcast on Mont Saint-Michel in May.

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