Quill.  Sailing Week 62: Retro 2021 for 'Sailor of the Year' [Vidéo] - Quill

Quill. Sailing Week 62: Retro 2021 for ‘Sailor of the Year’ [Vidéo] – Quill

Fendi Globe

Thursday, January 28, 2021: After an exciting final, Yannick Pestavin wins the ninth edition of the world’s most popular single, Vendée Globe.

“The Vendée Globe represents something, and then, ‘What are we going to do with that?’ It turns a lot of things upside down, but you have to keep your feet on the ground, you’ve re-launched a new project for the upcoming Vendée Globe, you have to quickly refocus on what’s next.

For me it is a great achievement, it is a race that has always made me dream, I have put all my energy into it for several years now to try to get back to the highest level, especially through Class40. To be able to complete this round the world, it was already a first victory, in addition, in the lead especially with the scenario in which we lived, it is true that there were a lot of twists and turns being able to be represented, with all the competitors, especially those I fought With them to the end, whether it was Lewis Burton, Charlie Dallen, Thomas Root.”

America’s Cup

Battles, there were some March in Auckland New Zealand for the 36th edition, a competition the New Zealanders won 7-3 against the Italians

“The America’s Cup has always fascinated me, and since the arrival of the chips, in multiple hulls or single hulls. Whether it’s in a single hull, it’s more impressive, but this technology, this leap forward that we’ve taken in terms of movement on the water, flight on the water, It significantly modernized the Coupe de America.Major enthusiasts find it less tactical, and less match-racing, I find that quite amazing.I think it’s important to get the crowd to be cool and on that, they meet the specs well.I found these magical boats, even if I was , in the final, professional for Italy because it was my friend Philip Presti d’Arcachon who led the team and I would have really liked the Italians to return the trophy for the Copa America. Europe.”

Fifty Ocean

Yannick Pestavin closely followed the new Ocean Fifty circuit, the Pro Sailing Tour, which was won by Sam Goodchild’s Leyton crew.

“I almost made a 50ft multi hull because I made a bid at the time for Erwan Le Roux and my proposal was not accepted because otherwise I would have done the Multi50 and not the Vendée Globe. Sometimes it doesn’t matter so much! These boats have always fascinated me: my friend Lalo Roquerolle who said to me: “Why are you sailing in bullet-boats? “I think they are great boats, lovely little cars, I especially like the size and the class. They were able to judge really well on the blowout blast, especially by doing one design on the chips, by limiting the building materials, and I think they really managed the cost of the boats So we’re seeing more and more projects, it’s a class that ran into difficulties a few years ago, and there’s a growing number of them. The championship they rode this year really made sense with both the indoor and outdoor races. It’s a rising class.”

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Tokyo Olympics

The big event this summer 2021 was the Olympic Games in Tokyo where the Blues won two silvers in the RS Plate: X with Charlene Bacon and Nicholas Goyard and one bronze in the Women’s 470 with the duo Lecointre-Retornaz.

“The Olympic is not being talked about enough, in light of this, it hasn’t been publicized enough

Throughout the year they have a lot of European and world championships and trainings that are not followed enough in my opinion, however, we ask them a lot of preparation and training at a very high level. Me, I’ve followed Charlene Bacon especially because she’s Rochelles. Plank is the sport I started out with, so I really enjoy pursuing his career. By putting her title back to the test, as she did, I find that she is a real fighter, a real warrior. I find it unfortunate that there is no longer a connection between the open sea and the Olympic Games. I think there are really bridges to be built between the ocean races and the Olympics, it gives me a lot of toughness to perform, to “keep on making a little incremental tweaking that will make a difference”.

Transat Jacques Fabre

The very high standard was also on point during the fifteenth edition of Transat Jacques Vabre, the end of which was judged for the first time in Martinique. This year, the Ultimes were there with Imoca, Ocean Fifty and Class40.

“I really liked Brazil, because I won the Class40 twice in 2011 and 2015. There, it was even more special. His arrival was somewhat marred by riots and political context. Access to the West Indies, like the Rum Road, lacks a bit of authenticity. To me, Transat Jacques Vabre was really connected to Brazil, and I regretted not paying to Salvador de Bahia as before

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The course, I found it lacked strategy, and it wasn’t open enough but hey, it was in regards to the weather conditions that made at the exit of the canal and in the Bay of Biscay, it almost rated in Imoca: it was played on the difference in boating potential, and it didn’t There were great tactical choices to make so I found it a bit nice, but it wasn’t the organizers’ fault, it’s the weather that was like that.”

Solitaire do Figaro

Those little extras, this subtlety and this race for consistency, that’s what makes Solitaire du Figaro so popular. This year, she dedicated Pierre Quiroga, Xavier Macaire and Tom LaBirche to complete the catwalk

“They are three very good sailors, even in the top ten. FIgaro Solitaire is very demanding, it always depends on the details. I think of Gildas Mahi among others, a very great sailor who could not put his name on the podium. It is true that I have been watching Xavier Macaire in particular, because he came so close to first and there he finished second, they are still very talented sailors.The top three, of course, have a great future in sailing and ocean racing. Still the great school of Figaro racing abroad. It’s a very high standard

Mini Trans

Another achievement was judged in the West Indies, the Mini Transat in Guadeloupe. After a vital stop at La Palma in the Canary Islands due to the Cumbre Vieja volcano, no less than 84 sailors, out of the 90 entered, completed this 23rd edition, the start of which was given to Les Sables d’Olonne. For Yannick Bestaven, winner of the Mini Transat in 2001, this race holds a special place.

“It all starts with a Mini-Transat, how would you like to race offshore if you haven’t been in a Mini-Transat? It’s a race close to my heart, I’ve been a sponsor of Mini-Transat this year and to see so many sailors, so many boats, so many projects in the The start of this massive race, it’s amazing. It’s a historic race

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A lot of times, I say it’s a school for fans, it’s kind of a gateway for those who want to make a career in it. But the nice thing about the Mini-Transat is that it brings together people who dream of making their jobs race overseas, like me, but also the hobbyists who are out there to make their dreams come true. The business leaders who gave up everything to say, “Hey, I’m going to buy a pickup and my challenge will be to cross the Atlantic.” It is a very good race and should remain very pure, as it is, one of the races in which you are most in tune with the sea and the ocean. Since my victory, I have not dared to reorganize myself there, but it is true that it is a race that I always follow closely.”

The Elysee and the Olympia

The President of the Republic raised him to the rank of Knight of Honor and was elected “Sailor of the Year”, and Yannick Pestavin will long be remembered on Monday, December 6, 2021 …

“All this on the same day, I couldn’t believe it!” (He laughs). It was December 6th, what a day, I started at the Elysee and finished at the Olympia. It is a great tribute to the French Republic, for highlighting the Vendée Globe, ocean racing and sailing.

And then, “Sailor of the Year”, I often attended this party, often looked at the sailors who had been elected, and did not imagine that I, in turn, would be on the podium to raise the cup. It is much appreciated by my colleagues, from FFV

A few minutes ago, Frank Kama came to me to say: “You’ll see, you’ll get the trophy,” I didn’t even want to think about it, I was already leaving the Elysee and it was great. The two combined, that’s a lot for one man in one day! “

2021 is coming on our heels, heading into 2022 with a big event, the Route de Rom – destination Guadeloupe. Departure on November 6 from Saint-Malo on 130 boats on the starting line.

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