14th place: Things happen in Korez

14th place: Things happen in Korez

And Brave officially announced the arrival of Rodrigo Bruni, Abraham Babali and Malino Vanai next Saturday of next season to strengthen Corizzi’s squad. Meanwhile, Pietro Chikarelli, Vano Karkadze and Matthew Voisin have extended their contracts.

If they don’t see their team play on Sunday, Outstanding Supporters Received Great Christmas Gifts. In fact, through a press release, Korez FC has formalized at least three new recruits for the upcoming season. Last season’s performance under the shirt of Van, who narrowly missed the rise to the top 14, Argentine midfielder Rodrigo Bruni has given his approval for the next two seasons, until June 2024. “He has great potential as a ball carrier, he has all the assets needed to play at the highest level,” said CAB Director Jeremy Davidson. It is versatile in all third line positions and is aggressive in combat. You will adapt very quickly to the Korez environment. » After rugby union was known, New Zealand’s third line center Abraham Papale is currently wearing Connacht’s colors but will join Correz on a contract that runs until June 2024 as well.. “He has already proven that he can get into rugby league in France,” said Jeremy Davidson. It will intensify our workforce and allow us to move forward with and without the ball in the coming years. “

Sikareli, Karkadze and Vawazin remain loyal

The third recruit will arrive from Agen. In fact, Left column Malino Vanai has decided to leave SUA to Brive on a three-year contract until June 2025. “It would allow us to be more dominant in the shots, but that’s not all, he’s very aggressive in defense and holds the ball very well,” said Wallis and Futuna player Jeremy Davidson. He will be an important player in our upcoming seasons. » Regarding contract extension, The first relates to Italian international right-back Pietro Sicarelli, who is now linked to Correez until June 2024.. “He is a modern, clever columnist who is very good in Scrum as well as in the current game,” said Jeremy Davidson. He has played in France, Italy and Scotland and has a place in JIFF, making him an important part of the team for years to come.” This season’s deputy captain Matthew Voissen has agreed to sign a contract extension until 2025. “Very athletic, he can play in all three positions in the third row and he has shown all his progress over the past four years,” said Jeremy Davidson. He is the leader of our touch, and an example of professionalism on and off the field. ” finally, The Georgian prostitute Vanu Karkadze also extended his contract until 2025. “He has already proven that he has all the prerequisites to play in the top 14 players and to become a member of the working CAB team,” the club director confirmed about the 21-year-old.

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