Push Gibbs out?

Push Gibbs out?

While Clermont received a slap on Friday in the garden of Leicester Tigers in the Champions Cup, the leaders of the Auvergne club are considering parting with Jono Gibbs before the end of his contract in June 2024.

Will Gibbs’ Juno Transplant End In Failure? The New Zealand technician arrived on the bench at Clermont as manager in the summer of 2021 to make up for the departure of Franck Azema. The New Zealand technician was unable to reproduce the successes he had at La Rochelle between 2018 and 2021 in Auvergne. Finished seventh in the top 14 after being eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions Cup last season, ASM sits tenth in the tournament with just seven wins in fifteen days. In the continental arena, the results were quite mixed, but the heavy defeat that was recognized on Friday at Leicester Tigers (44-29) as part of the third day of the group stage could have disastrous consequences. Indeed, according to information from the magazine Olympic backAnd It will be a cup full for the Claremont leaders with the pressure that has been greatly increased on the shoulders of Jono Gibbs.

Ledesma is a possible candidate to replace Gibbs

While three-quarter coach Xavier Sadorny promptly put his apron back on last week, Behind-the-scenes maneuvers had already begun to prepare for the future of Somali air traffic While Jono Gibbs is under contract until June 2024. The name returned to control the Jaunards last season, Mario Ledesma. And while Christophe Aureus could have a role to play, the magazine confirms in its columns that contacts have already been made with the Argentine technician, who has not made any commitment since his departure from the position of Pumas coach. ASM player between 2005 and 2011, the club where he ended his professional career, A Buenos Aires citizen would not be insensitive to a project that would be nothing but the rebuilding of Clermont, who would notably lose to Damien Benaud at the end of the season. However, family considerations can prevent such access. What is certain is that Jono Gibbs is still on the ejection seat And his team will have to level up very quickly.

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