Puri Lake is now classified as a ‘Sensitive Natural Area’

Puri Lake is now classified as a ‘Sensitive Natural Area’

The proposal has now been approved. During the Standing Committee on Thursday, December 14, elected officials of the Haute-Garonne District Council adopted the classification Puri lake like’Normal Sensitive Zone (ENS). At the same time, they also registered part of the wetlands in Lake Gilo in District Wetlands Conservatory (CDZH31).

Through this procedure, the Board of Directors registers Protecting biodiversity and water resources In his plan.

Preserving biodiversity

Concretely, a natural space is “sensitive” if it combines the following characteristics: “Strong interest in biodiversity (Great space) or Biological function (ordinary nature), Be vulnerable and/or threatened Therefore, it must be preserved To be subject to protection and management measuresAnd Be a place to discover natural riches (Open to the public),” the administration details in its press release.

In total, this is “more than”. 70 hectares“Which will be rated on Bori streamone of the tributaries of touch in communes riomis And Bushramit. This site already includes “12 habitats Different natural environments, all of which are linked to aquatic and wet environments. Moreover, according to the inventory operations carried out during the year 2021, “346 species “187 animals were registered, and 159 animals were lost.”

more than 11,300 hectares Today it is classified as ENS in Haute-Jaronne.

Protecting biodiversity also means protecting water resources. By reducing the impact of human action on these precious areas, we build water reserves while restoring animal and plant habitats. “Nature-based solutions should be put forward wherever possible, in consultation with local stakeholders,” says Sébastien Vincini, President of the Haute-Garonne District Council.

76 sites were registered

As far as Lake Gilo is concerned, this is it 3.9 hectares Of the wetlands located on Municipality of Riom, which has been included in the Wetlands Conservatory. This area is a true home to “numerous heritage species”, and is also distinguished by its gently sloping banks that protect “moisture-loving plants and flood-susceptible afforestation”.

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76 sites To date, they have already been registered with the Wetlands Conservatory by the Board of Directors.

By slowing the flow of water, filtering it and maintaining its freshness during summer periods, wetlands provide essential services for biodiversity and human activity. While they are threatened by the effects of global warming and human pressure, all stakeholders in the regional project recognize the need to stop their disappearance,” explains the administration.

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