A taste of Christmas in a Soutine space

A taste of Christmas in a Soutine space

I wake up. Christmas Day is lively. Santa Claus arrived by carriage in the Soutine district on Sunday, after a long walk through the streets of Lévis. The children were able to give him their letters, drawings and lists of other games.

He was greeted by traditional Christmas carols, performed by the Cluster Choir and the Presto String Ensemble, who were performing for the first time. “This is the second year that Christmas Day has been organized in this way. We have invited the Lèves-toi et Marche associations: AlpL, the Festival Committee, and Lèves-toi et Marche,” explained city mayor Remy Marcial.

There was nothing missing for the children and adults who came in droves: pancakes, mulled wine, chocolates, a Christmas tree sale, and a cartoon show. Moana Dance…

The day concluded with the distribution of prizes to the winners of the drawing competition. Many pictures immortalized kisses with Santa Claus which parents who wish can receive them via email.

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