Public space continues to evolve in Eyjeaux

Public space continues to evolve in Eyjeaux

After expressing sincere and free thanks to everyone involved in the Eyjeaux region, and the assessment of the past year, the Mayor moved on to the forecast for 2023. First of all, Jacques Roux stated that everyone’s values ​​must be taken into account, in the common interest and in respect for all .

The mayor insisted on a number of advertisements. With regard to the school canteen, the municipality has introduced a 1 euro canteen system since 1 Verse January.

On the common space development profile, “we are on standby so that the old buildings will survive. We are working on this with the Public Land Corporation of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Two acquisitions have been made in the city center,” he said. “For one of them, we have begun consultations to allocate The building for school and extracurricular activities. For the other, think about progress. Work will start in 2023 for another building, with commercial or professional space to be constructed on the ground floor and accommodation upstairs. »

The mayor also noted the revitalization of the city center through the rehabilitation of old buildings that contribute to maintaining a harmonious facade of the city and adequate architecture. It is also a matter of setting up a residence and a business. The municipality continues the work of restoring the privileges of the cemetery in case of abandonment.

Service improvement

Jacques Roux also mentioned a whole series of upcoming works and projects, such as the installation of new railings in the stadium, which were done by municipal employees; the location of the parking pier in Mas Barrett; “administrative” termination of the pumping track file; Removing the grids in the village of Poulenat, carried out by Sehv.

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He also explained that the new work would be the subject of requests for financial support: the installation of new public lighting regulation clocks, the replacement of some equipment with LED lighting; As well as installing remote controls for heating installations.

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