Here is the smell of happy people, according to science!

Here is the smell of happy people, according to science!

posted by Sulin V

– On January 15, 2023 at 5:00 p.m

What if happy people had a very special body odor? What if some perfume reminded you of happy memories? At least that’s what science says!

What if the key to happiness was literally right under your nose? The effect of scents on emotions She is so real! So much so that one wonders if happiness really has a scent. The answer is yes! Your body odor is related to how you feel at the moment, as it is difficult to get caught up in “emotional sweat.” Some of the chemical signals in your body are very sensitive to stress and emotions in general. Which results in a specific body odor in every situation of your daily life. In other words, if you are happy, you will naturally give off a certain smell, different from that which gives off your unhappiness.

Fragrance: source of pleasure

but that is not all ! One going It can also trigger a subconscious response of pleasure, relaxation, and happiness. For good reason, all fragrances are composed of aromatic molecules that enter the brain’s limbic system, where our feelings and memories are processed and stored. In other words, a fragrance or scent can remind you of a happy memory and put you in a sense of complete well-being.. For example, citrus scents are particularly stimulating to awaken pleasant memories and happiness. So when you’re feeling nostalgic or need some relief in your everyday life, don’t overlook scents. Instead of going back to your photo album, why not develop your sense of smell?

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What scents cause happiness?

The idea of ​​happiness is unique to each person. Everyone has a specific fragrance or scent that triggers happy memories. For some, it will be jasmine. For others, this scent will be more fruity. However, some scents have the ability to evoke feelings of happiness and very specific feelings.. For example, vanilla is usually a very relaxing scent that will bring back the safety of childhood. As for lavender, it has somewhat calming properties. from their side, Citrus Tend to activate emotions. As you understand, each scent stimulates happy people in its own way. The goal is to lead the brain to happy memories. It is the feat that certain scents or perfumes achieve in everyday life.

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