PS5 exclusive appeared on Microsoft Store -

PS5 exclusive appeared on Microsoft Store –

foresbook that it’PS5 exclusive console It also arrives on PC through Steam, but in the past few hours it has appeared, perhaps accidentally, even within range Microsoft Store, which obviously gave way to some hypotheses about the release on other platforms.

Initially known as Project Athia, the title in question is an action RPG from Luminous Productions and Square Enix, introduced as a game “designed exclusively for PS5” but is also coming to PC by steam And maybe even through the Microsoft Store.

Forspoken: The custom page has been leaked on the Microsoft Store

The title appeared in the official Store catalog for Windows 10 and Xbox, shown at this is the address, suggesting other forms of distribution, and possibly even inclusion in a catalog Xbox Game Pass for every PC.

Square Enix, on the other hand, has already shown that it is quite keen to offer its titles at launch directly to Microsoft’s subscription service, as we’ve seen on Outriders, but there is still no likely evidence of such a distribution. There are no details even regarding the launch possibility Xbox Series X | s, which is highly unlikely at least for a certain time, given the strong exclusive deal, at least temporarily, that features Forspoken on PS5.

The appearance of the game on the Microsoft Store leaves many questions open: it is a standard page, with a background and cover image, an introduction and various features, but the game is “not available”, without reference to the release date. It could simply be ready when the terms of the exclusivity expire, or it could be distributed to PCs also through the Microsoft Store, among the most likely hypotheses, but we are waiting for further developments on this. Meanwhile, her official Steam page has appeared in recent days.

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