Protect your dog or cat from the cold this winter with this great tip – Tuxboard

Protect your dog or cat from the cold this winter with this great tip – Tuxboard

Winter is fast approaching, and the cold temperatures are already starting to be felt. Here are some tips to protect your animals from the cold!

In winter, your pets She also suffers from a cold! Despite their fur, they need you to keep them warm. Here are some tips to protect them from the cold.

Dogs and cats who don’t like the cold

In winter, it is important to protect yourself from the cold. If you have a pet, You should also think about it!

During this winter, your cat or dog’s fur tends to become thick. But this natural protection is not always enough.

In fact, pets are just as afraid of the cold as humans. Some dog breeds are naturally adapted to life in extreme cold. This is the case with sled dogs, for example. Or even cats with very thick fur.

Others, on the contrary, More sensitive to cold. The sphinx, for example, has no hair and is at risk of catching the cold. On the other hand, the Siamese and Somali do not have an undercoat.

Finally, the Singaporean cannot resist the cold due to its very short coat. Savannahs are native to Africa, so they are not equipped to handle low temperatures.

Some dogs also have a lot of problems with the cold. This is the case for Chihuahua, Greyhound, Whippet, Miniature Pinscher and Dachshund. But also the Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Shin Tsu, and Dalmatian, to name a few.

Although some of them love to play in the snow, they will still need protection. Here are some tips to protect your animals from the cold!

How do we protect them in winter?

There are many tips to help your pet cope with the cold this winter. for example Coat for dog or cat.

Some people find this accessory ridiculous but it actually provides effective protection for your pet. Whether against cold, wind, or even moisture.

You should choose it according to the size and shape of your pet. But keep in mind that it should especially cover your back and neck. But especially the stomach because it is the place where there is less hair.

Knowing that, as is the case for humans, animal coats are available in all materials. You should choose a model that is durable and waterproof. If you take your dog or cat out into the snow, you can buy shoes that are suitable for them.

But above all, remember to clean your furry companion’s pads well every time you go out. This area is very vulnerable to frostbite.

If your dog or cat doesn’t live with you indoors, you need to set up a cozy corner for them. This should be sheltered so that it is protected in case of bad weather. Also add a soft pillow so your pet can rest there.

If your pet lives indoors with you, he or she will love a place near the heater. A basket, bed or cat tree, you will choose according to the space you have available.

On the other hand, we must also think Richer diet. In fact, when it’s cold, it tends to burn more calories. It is a natural mechanism that allows them to maintain their body temperature when outside for several hours.

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