Former Prime Minister Guillaume Soro announces the “end” of his exile

Former Prime Minister Guillaume Soro announces the “end” of his exile

After being sentenced to life imprisonment in Ivory Coast following a trial he considers politically motivated, former Prime Minister Guillaume Soro announced that he is “ending” his ongoing exile since December 2019. It remains to be seen whether he will face the risk of arrest upon his return to Côte d’Ivoire.

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With our correspondent in Abidjan. François Hume-Vercatadji

I declare here and now that I am ending my exile, because it is painful for me to be far from the homeland of my ancestors and my homeland, Africa. In a short five-minute video clip that he posted on social media, he said: Clouds of Soro He conjures the “end” of his exile without specifying the parameters of this declaration.

Will he return to Ivory Coast, where he faces two legal convictions? A few minutes into his speech, his campaign manager Moussa Toure noted: In which he will remain Africa To face his fate », indicating that he or she could be resident in another country in the subregion.

In this video, Guillaume Soro accuses the Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara To want to track him down wherever he is. ” The recent arrest attempt in Istanbul proves, if necessary, that the only place of peaceful rest Mr. Ouattara has for me is indeed the cemetery. “, confirmed the former Prime Minister.

I refuse to be on the run »

In addition to his return to his eventful exile in France, Belgium, Dubai and… To the borders of the Asian continent He said Guillaume Soro maintains his innocence while Ivorian judges found him guilty of “endangering state security” in 2021 and “ Concealing the embezzlement of public funds “In 2020.

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I refuse to be on the run. Especially since before God and people I am not guilty of any crime that deserves this punishment. “.

Last May, Guillaume Soro announced his intention to run for the presidential elections in 2025, ambitions that he does not seem to have abandoned. ” I want to be able to contribute to reconciliation between my sons and daughters and to contribute to building peace among the peoples of Africa. “, Confirms.

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