Professional Hockey League: Red Panthers beat New Zealand 7-0

Professional Hockey League: Red Panthers beat New Zealand 7-0

The Red Panthers won their 10th Women’s Professional Hockey League game 7-0 against New Zealand on Sunday in Antwerp, the second in an eight-game series scheduled at the Wilrijkseplein from now until the beginning of July. The fifth success in the competition allowed Belgium to rise to fourth place.

Raul Eren’s players quickly put their mark on the game by scoring two goals in two minutes in the first quarter. The first in a successful drift from Dolphin Marine (VI) and the second in Stephanie Vanden Borre’s sleep at the turn of the first Belgian PC (VII). The Black Sticks team, which caused a surprise on Saturday by defeating Argentina 2-1, was unable to worry Elodie Picard, while the chances doubled for the Belgians. Charlotte Englebert scored her tenth goal for the Panthers at the end of the third quarter (42) before a central ball from Marin was hit inside her goal by one of the opponent’s defenders (47). Playing without a goalkeeper, the New Zealanders conceded two final goals late in the match, from Emily White (54′) and Louise Versaville (56), before White made it 7-0 (58). In the standings, the Red Panthers, who lost 0-2 to Australia in their first match on Friday in Antwerp, have 20 points in 10 matches. They won 4 matches in Great Britain between the end of May and the beginning of June, after starting their campaign with three draws and a defeat. Argentina and Great Britain are temporarily at the top of the competition (29 points), after playing 15 matches. The Netherlands follows with 25 units in 9 matches, ahead of Belgium, which will play the return matches against Australia on Monday and New Zealand on Wednesday.

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