Prime Minister Patrick Achi tendered his resignation

Prime Minister Patrick Achi tendered his resignation

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A new government is expected to be formed next week. This cabinet reshuffle was expected and discussed since the beginning of 2022.

With our correspondent in AbidjanAnd Peter Pinto

President Alassane Ouattara, during the meeting of the Council of Ministers, announced his acceptance of the resignation of his Prime Minister. He announced the formation of a new government with a new prime minister next week. The president warned that this government team will be smaller than the previous one.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of government work and take into account the current global economic situation, I have decided to reduce the number of government ministers The head of state added. Alassane Ouattara has indicated that he intends to reorient the government’s work towards social resilience and security.

The outgoing government has 41 members, 37 ministers and 6 state ministers. Thus the following will be reduced. Some questions remain unanswered: Who will be the next prime minister? Will Patrick Ashi be renewed? If not, who will replace him, and what will be the new job of the outgoing head of government?

Several answers are expected on Tuesday, as Alassane Ouattara should speak in Yamoussoukro in his traditional address to the Parliament meeting in Congress.

Meanwhile, President Ouattara praised his government team and in particular the outgoing Prime Minister. ” Throughout the past year, despite the specific circumstances associated with the (Covid-19) pandemic and the complex regional security context, it has demonstrated commitment and determination. “.

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For several months, rumors circulated of a cabinet reshuffle in Abidjan. Patrick Ache arrived at this position in February 2021. He first worked on a temporary basis for Hamid Bakayoko when the latter was receiving treatment in France and Germany. Patrick Ache was appointed head of the Ivorian government on March 26, 2021.

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