Pensions: What do the numbers say about the French system?

Pensions: What do the numbers say about the French system?


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President Emmanuel Macron’s candidate justifies his plan to raise the retirement age by saying the French system needs reform to stay in balance. Journalist Sophie Lansonlocated in the 19/20 group, Tuesday, April 12, explains what the numbers say.

While the topic of retirement age is a major topic inbetween two rounds Sophie’s presidential campaign Lansonpresent on Tuesday 12 April in the 19/20 group, takes a look at the economic health of the pension system. “The outlook is reassuring, according to the House of Representatives, the independent body responsible for studying this system.”Sophie explains Lanson.

The journalist is interested in The main indicator: The share of GDP allocated to the payment of pensions. In 2020, in the midst of Covid-19, pension spending was at its highest: 14.7% of GDP. It was necessary to continue to pay pensions with fewer resources, because the economy was idle ”Sophie explains Lanson. As of this year, these expenses should come down to 13.7% of the gross domestic product. by 2070they differ from 11.3% to me 13% of the gross domestic product. The journalist recalls, however, that the aging of the population will affect public finances.

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