Popular Mode has been removed from Warzone, and players are jumping ship

Popular Mode has been removed from Warzone, and players are jumping ship

Cyril Bomathiod

Call of Duty Warzone players are once again upset by the sudden disappearance of one of the game's most popular modes.

When Warzone initially launched, it was all about the classic Battle Royale mode and Plunder. This game mode focuses on collecting money in matches with unlimited respawn times.

Over time, new game modes have been added to the roster, creating a rotation system of temporary modes, which come and go over the course of updates.

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Unfortunately, these tournaments, which are not always announced in advance, frustrate players, especially when they see their favorite game mode disappear for an indefinite period.

Plunder mode has been surprisingly removed from the Warzone playlist

While players are generally informed of playlist rotation in advance, Raven Softwares appears to have skipped the call at the beginning of 2024.

So it's no surprise that a portion of the community took a step back on January 4, when they discovered that the hugely popular Plunder mode had simply disappeared.

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“I hate it so much. Why do they keep removing game modes?asked one upset fan. “Removing features and putting them back later is an easy and simple way to keep things looking new. That way, they don't have to innovate.”annoys another.

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For true Loot Mode fans, its sudden removal also took with it their desire to play:

“I called today, and I saw that Belag was no longer there, so I hung up.”“, explains one netizen. And he is not the only player who has completely dedicated himself to the game Plunder: “Yes, I think my playing time will decrease significantly.”

Fortunately, the regular rotation of game modes suggests that Plunder will be returning to Warzone very quickly… undoubtedly in place of another mode that a portion of the community loves.

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