It can take 12 years to obtain this Pokémon Go medal

It can take 12 years to obtain this Pokémon Go medal

Gaston Cooney

Pokémon Go players have been left scratching their heads over one of the game's Platinum Medals, which is currently unobtainable and could take up to 12 years to complete.

Medals, sometimes called badges, are achievements in Pokémon Go that are often sought after by the most dedicated players. These tasks range from simple tasks that anyone can accomplish to daunting challenges that are limited to the best.

Some of the more difficult medals in the AR game require strategy while others test the trainer's willpower with long-range missions. However, they are an important part of Pokémon Go, and are highly regarded by the community.

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However, not all of his medals make sense, as one of them is allocated by the player base for the theoretical length it would take to complete.

Pokémon Go players criticize the Ultra Hero Medal

Wondering why the Ultra Hero badge was in the game, one trainer asked on Reddit: “Doesn't he only come once every 3 months?”

This Platinum Medal requires players to defeat Giovanni 50 times. However, the Team Rocket boss can only be fought once every three months using the Super Rocket Radar, available through Special Research. As the post notes, this means it will currently take 12 years to complete from start to finish.

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Many others agreed with this post, responding : “Yes. Impossible badge.” And “Yes, it appears about once a season, and before that it was much rarer.”

In an attempt to explain why this medal exists, the top comment in the thread says: “I think they were originally planning to use it more in events since there was a Go Rocket portion of the World Go Festival for one year. I think they just decided to change the focus and direction without changing the medal…”

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The same answer assumes no one is halfway there yet, with another coach adding: “I'm 21 and I've beaten him every time I've seen Giovanni since it was released.”

Assuming 21 is the current limit and Niantic doesn't make adjustments to the medal, the first Pokémon Go players will be able to complete Ultra Hero in early 2031.

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