Pollard's Silk Foot, Sam Kahn's ordeal

Pollard’s Silk Foot, Sam Kahn’s ordeal

Flawless against the poles of Handy Pollard, Malcolm Marx’s dominance in the plates, but also the plight of Sam Kaney and the ugly Arendsey blunder… Find our peaks/slides after the Springboks victory (26-10).


Handry Pollard, clean man

Flawless rendering, absolutely guaranteed distribution of the game and a drop in the lead. It is difficult for the editor to provide such a full conclusion at the end of the meeting. The former Montpellier managed his three penalties as well as his inspiring transformation and drop. He’s even the one who lights the first wick in the game with that well-feeled candle that will lead to the Kurt-Lee Arendse test. Clean and efficient.

Malcolm Marks, King of Knees

The South African prostitute did not go into detail against a group of very frantic New Zealand strikers. At the end of the first period, he nipped the start of an opposition rebellion in the bud by winning a new duel on the ground. The Lions Warrior never hesitated to take shots, including the final shot in the 53rd minute, which allowed him to steal another ball before giving up his place. Rake, real one.

Lukhanyo Am attacking and defending

The Coastal Sharks center by three quarters sent some cold sweats through the New Zealand defense. He was the first to find Kurt-Lee Arendse on Earth to test the latter. In the ranks, he was able to chime in with his group of attackers such a competition in the 71st minute, after an excellent intervention from Kolsi. A sweep that would deliver Pollard a final penalty kick, almost definitively sealing the Boks’ success.

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Sam Kahn, the captain in the kitchen

It is on top of a ship that absorbs water from all sides. It may be its symbol. Black No. 7 went through a real hell on Saturday at Mbombela Stadium. Sometimes penalized on the ground, sometimes technically clumsy, he was directly at fault for the Springboks’ final attempt to send a disastrous pass toward Frizell. Perfectly representative of a match where nothing worked for a defiant and questionable captain.

A group of desperate New Zealand attackers

However, it would be insincere to blame Sam Cane alone for this disaster. In general, it is the complete black package that presses the dust in the face of the aggressiveness of the local population. The New Zealand strikers, having systematically indulged in duels, lost on the ground and in melee, left the Mbombela stadium with a severe headache and showed incredible flaws, unworthy of the prestige of this choice.

Kurt Lee Arendsey’s villainous mistake

This is the reason why he did not appear at the top, despite his trial and very successful overall performance. In the 75th minute, Beauden Barrett shot wildly in the air, without playing or even looking at the ball. New Zealand’s opening match drops to the back of the neck and sends a wind of fear through the bays of Mbombela Stadium. If he was sent off very logically, he could have seriously injured his opponent while his team was comfortably ahead. A useless and dangerous step.

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