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Poll: 53% of New Zealanders are concerned about reopening borders

In a study published on Friday by the Prime Minister’s Department and Cabinet (DPMC), a poll showed that 53% of New Zealanders fear reopening the borders. And 84% agree with the travel ban A very dangerous country.

The study, conducted on more than 1,800 volunteers, provides insight into the general feelings of New Zealanders after more than a year of shutdowns to the outside world. 91% Who were interviewed? They believe they will not return to pre-COVID life after receiving the vaccine. 44% They say they are “neutral”, against 28% Only those who feel “happy” 11% who feel “sad” about the situation in the country.

In a press release, DPMC’s Deputy Director General said: Cheryl Barnes announce “It’s good for the public to realize that New Zealand is entering a new phase and a vaccine will not be a silver bullet when it comes to getting out of the pandemic.”. After launching a relatively slow nationwide vaccination campaign, the New Zealand government has yet to determine how the country will emerge from COVID-19 restrictions.

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