Jane Campion devant l'affiche du prix des Lumières 2021

New Zealand director Jane Campion will win Lumière 2021

Jane Campion, the only woman to have received the Palme d’Or so far, will be awarded by the Lyon City Film Festival “A style recognized among all others”.

On Monday, event organizers announced that Gene Campion, a New Zealand filmmaker in her 60s, will be the winner of an award light 2021. She will receive her award during the thirteenth edition of the festival, which takes place from 9 to 17 October 2021 in leon.

He was born in the fifties of the last century in Wellington, Gene Campion He comes from a family of movie-goers with an actress mother and a theater director father. At the beginning of the eighties, she launched to the cinema, and in 1982 she released her first short film, Peel, won the Palme d’or Short Film Award in It was. She is the first woman in the history of the festival to receive this award.

Jane Campion He will then receive the Palme d’Or for his feature film piano lesson, during the 46th edition of Cannes Film Festival. In the fall, you will present dog power, his new movie, adapted from a book by I wear Winslow.

Festival organizers said in a statement that the celebration of the director’s career is Clarity and Pride.

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