Pokémon Unite will have 19 Pokémon at launch, let's find them all!  - Multiplayer.it

Pokémon Unite will have 19 Pokémon at launch, let’s find them all! – Multiplayer.it

Yesterday, The Pokémon Company revealed the release period for the Switch and the Pokémon Unite mobile. With this news came the first official information about the game. One of the most awaited is definitely the list of characters that we will find ourselves using in this highly anticipated MOBA. We know that now in pokemon unite there will be 19 Pokemon at launchAll this to be discovered and learn how to use it.

Pokémon Unite is not only interesting because it is a new part of pocket monsters, but also because it tries to give a very personal interpretation of MOBA, a genre that is very popular on computers, but also on mobile devices. This is the attempt, after Arena of Valor and before League of Legends Wild Rift, to make the genre take root on consoles and platforms unaffected by this phenomenon that has millions of fans and players around the world.

To launch Pokemon company everywhere Tencent They chose the 19 most popular Pokémon to make it easier for players to get acquainted with the game world in the mechanics typical of this type. With an additional twist: the goal will not be to destroy the opponent’s base, but to score as many points as possible.

Here it is Ready From 19 Pokémon from Pokémon Unite:

  • Pikachu

  • Charger

  • snorlax

  • Shell

  • Greninja

  • Eldgos

  • Talon Flame

  • Lucario

  • dinosaur

  • Mr. M

  • slobro

  • absolute

  • match

  • wiggltuff

  • Ninetales di Alola

  • kramorant

  • Ginger

  • Jarschump

  • Sendress

a this is the address You will find information on each sample separately.

Obviously this is The first wave of heroesWhich will be expanded in the months following its release, especially if the game is a success. On the other hand, there are hundreds of other Pokemon to choose from, and it wouldn’t be difficult to find other pocket monsters suitable for MOBA mechanics.

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