Pokémon Go players criticize Amovenus raid times

Pokémon Go players criticize Amovenus raid times

Gaston Cooney

Pokémon Go players are increasingly frustrated with the upcoming Amovenus Elite Raid schedules, with some calling it the “dumbest idea ever” and calling for changes in the future.

The month of love is here, and with it comes the classic love Pokemon, Amovenus. However, instead of being able to obtain it through Pokémon Go Research missions, you'll have to defeat it in a difficult Elite Raid. Although the raid itself is difficult enough, players will also face a reduced time limit, as Amovenus will only be available in raids for one day.

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With this in mind, Pokémon Go players are now criticizing Niantic over the timing of the Elite Raid, with many suggesting they won't be able to participate in the event and will miss their Pokémon entirely.

Pokémon Go players call for 'stupid' Amovenus Raid times to be changed

While sharing their frustration on Reddit, one user attached an image of the upcoming Elite Raid, which shows Amovénus available in Raids between 12pm and 6:30pm on February 14.

“Come on Niantic, I won't be able to participate in this, I'll work because I have a job like most people.” The Pokémon Go player added, wondering why schedules end when most people finish work, especially since it's a weekday.

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There are a fair number of events that happen during the week when many players are at work, but many fans don't find this to be an issue, as they can enter raids remotely or catch Pokemon from their workplace.

However, the Elite Raid must be performed in person, eliminating many fans who cannot raid during their lunch break or after work.

“Such timed raids are one of the worst ideas they have come up with.” One Pokémon Go player commented that the idea is “Totally impractical and unnecessarily restrictive. This does not benefit the players in any way.”

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For many, raids are an exciting aspect of the game and allow for Pokemon battles, much like in the main games. However, the timing of this feature implements a sense of urgency, and if your schedule doesn't match the event, you're missing out entirely.

One player revealed an idea on how Niantic might change the format of these timed challenges: “Niantic really needs to listen and create events that last one week but you have to choose a day and/or time period.”

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It remains to be seen if anything will change with Elite Raids, but it's clear that the community is far from in love with this Valentine's Day.

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