Future of Xbox: How to watch the event live and what to expect?  |  X-Box

Future of Xbox: How to watch the event live and what to expect? | X-Box

As we know, Phil Spencer is scheduled to speak this evening to discuss Xbox's strategy and in particular potential changes to its exclusivity policy. Before the event starts, we remind you of some details!

When will Xbox talk about the future of the brand?

On Thursday, February 15, the company will address players in a special audio broadcast. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, will be accompanied by Sarah Bond and Matt Botti, so the three figures of the brand will discuss its future.

We imagine that the topic of future exclusives and consoles will be discussed in addition to Xbox Game Pass, and we hope that this speech will reassure gamers who are concerned about seeing the brand change its direction radically.

The event will be available to follow on YouTube as well as on the usual podcast platforms, and obviously we'll also be on hand to cover the show.

  • What ? A special Xbox podcast dedicated to brand strategy
  • when ? Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 9:00 pm (France Capital Time).
  • Or? Exclusively online on YouTube and podcast platforms

What should we expect?

For several weeks, the Xbox community has been asking a lot of questions as various rumors have emerged. Numerous interactions on social networks could have prompted Xbox to submit the letter.

Indications are that Hi-Fi RUSH will be arriving on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Material referencing competing consoles has already been found in the game's files, and similarly, rumors have spread about Sea of ​​​​Thieves. Yesterday, the development studio even hinted at PlayStation and Nintendo colors, which leaves little room for doubt. So we have to hope that this evening Xbox finally clarifies the status of exclusives and that players will know if the game could be a lifetime Xbox ecosystem exclusive.

The fact that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wants Xbox to become a “good publisher” for PlayStation and Nintendo has also raised many questions. If we combine this with the fact that Xbox wants to be present everywhere, especially by offering its games on other platforms, but also via the cloud, many gamers believe that sooner or later Xbox will stop producing consoles. This concern must have reached Phil Spencer's ears, as he reassured his employees during an internal meeting that production of future equipment was confirmed. Hopefully Xbox will clearly communicate its position on the hardware this evening.

Alongside these rumors, there are rumors of the arrival of a portable console produced by Xbox. If the brand formalizes such a device this evening, gamers will surely be reassured about the hardware part.

The question of what is intangible and what is material is running through the players' heads. Xbox's presence is becoming less and less in stores and confirming that a game like Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 wouldn't be available in boxes was obviously one straw too many. Hopefully Xbox rules this evening.

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Xbox Game Pass should be discussed this evening, particularly the arrival of Call of Duty to the service. Rumors in the arcade have already indicated that games from the license will not be available on the service.

Finally, mobile plays a vital role in Xbox's strategy. It would not be surprising if the brand stated that the store aims to compete with the App Store and Play Store.

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