Pokémon GO Mega Entwicklung Änderung

Pokémon GO finally improves on Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO is undergoing a much-anticipated overhaul. New features make Mega Evolution more useful than before.

When will the change come? As announced by the developers at the current DevDiary, a new massive development update is already in place in Australia and New Zealand. The global release should follow “soon” – so it won’t be long before the changes take effect here too.

The update includes drastic changes in mega developments. Among other things, it is now easier for you to get Mega Pokémon and you can look forward to additional rewards.

We’ll show you exactly what this looks like here.

POGO Mega Evolutions Trailer

That changes with huge developments

To make Mega Evolutions even more useful: Perhaps the most significant change is that you are no longer completely dependent on the massive energy of massive developments. After Mega Evolution a Pokémon for the first time, you can play Mega Evolution on this monster even without power.

However, your monster will need some time to recover after Mega Evolution to Mega Evolve again without additional Mega energy. This rest period can last for several days.

In turn, you can shorten the resting phase by using huge energy. However, energy costs decrease in parallel with the cool-down period: the less time you have to rest until the next development, the cheaper the costs become.

However, in principle, you will also get huge power more easily, because most mega raids should become easier so that you can do them with fewer trainers. This should be a huge relief to anyone who hasn’t been able to get enough trainers for Mega Raids yet.

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There is also another feature: “Mega Levels”.

Mega levels make your Mega Pokemon even better

These are the mega levels: When you evolve your Mega monsters, it’s the Mega Level. With each of these levels, the rewards used by the monster in its mega form increases. As before, this includes a candy bonus for monsters that share a type with your colossal monster, as well as an attack boost in raids. But there are also new bonuses:

  • Rest periods between mega developments get shorter as the mega level increases.
  • There are more XP points for captured Pokemon that share some kind with Mega Monster.
  • Increased chance of XL monsters being caught in a captured Pokémon that shares a type with Mega Pokémon.

at Pokeminers (via redditI have already prepared an overview of the upcoming mega levels. Depending on the data selectors, there will be a ‘basic’ level, a ‘high’ level and an ‘maximum level’.

  • You can unlock the basic level with Mega Evolution. The slowdown for the next free upgrade lasts 7 days. The maximum energy for development should be 41.
  • You can unlock higher level with 7 mega evolutions of your monster. The sedation lasts 5 days. Then the maximum power is only 21.
  • The maximum level is achieved after 30 Mega Evolutions and 3 days of cooldown. Here the maximum power of development should be only 11.
At the end of the trailer, Mega-Kangama is mentioned

What else is there? There’s also a new gigantic monster in the trailer for the new mega-development: Kangama appears there as a shadow at the end. It is also emphasized that with the update you can also carry out huge improvements in waiting times, such as the raid lobby.

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Additionally, DevDiary refers to the mega-forms of Latias and Latios with a Pokémon called at the end.

Again, this fits with the ancient discoveries that could soon come the first massive mythical developments.

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