Poetry Irodori 3 Genshin Impact, how do you complete the mission?  - Break Flip

Poetry Irodori 3 Genshin Impact, how do you complete the mission? – Break Flip

In Genshin Impact you can do a mission called Poetry Irodori 3 and we will tell you how to take pictures to pass the mission.

Jinshin effect Events run regularly and since Thursday, April 7, it’s possible to enjoy a festival in Inazuma called Hues of the purple garden.

As always, whoever says festival says specific tasks for the occasion and among the new tasks added, we find 3 . Irodori hair During this period you will have to take pictures of Mondstadt’s special dishes.

How to take pictures of the Poetry Irodori 3 mission in Genshin Impact?

To get the Poetry Irodori 3 mission, you must first Do another job who called Irodori hair 2. Once finished, Go to Ritou port to talk to Ootomo. Then it asks you to take a picture of the 4 majors of Mondstadt.

To take these photos, you must Use the camera on the left when opening the game menu Do not use a Daguerreotype. It should be noted that it is necessary to mention The right topic has been found » To make sure that you get the required specialization. Here are the Mondstadt products that you can take a picture of, and to locate them, simply click on the product that interests you:

Once you have captured your four photos, go to Ootomo, then choose one of the worms offered to finish this task.

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