Pluto TV: These are the highlights of January

Pluto TV: These are the highlights of January

The free streaming service Pluto TV also offers all kinds of entertainment in the new year. This way, users can decide for themselves what January should look like and what they want to watch. If your annual sports resolution is to be attacked, you can sweat it out with Pluto TV Fitness. If you want to quench your thirst for knowledge, play Pluto TV Inside for World Education Day with loads of exciting documentaries. Pluto TV Food is ready with plenty of inspiration for new experiences in the kitchen. These are the highlights of January.

The New Year is approaching, and many have already made their resolutions for 2022. Some will start exercising right after the legendary New Year’s party, while others will like to relax on the sofa. Pluto TV has a transmitter suitable for both.

New channel: Sophie – Reluctantly Bride

For romantics, Pluto TV offers just the right entertainment: When hearts call for love, Sophie – Bride reluctantly acts out. Here you can watch the telenovela of the same name and immerse yourself in the life of noblewoman Sophie von Ahlen.

Today’s Deals

Every day with a theme-based theme for the new year of Pluto TV:

January 1st: Do more sports

We all know the decision. Some understand it but find it hard to get started, others lose motivation quickly. Pluto TV Fitness helps you! On the first day of the year you can exercise all day long.

January 5th: Christmas is finally over

After Christmas Before Christmas? Not everyone understands this slogan. That’s why Pluto TV is giving viewers another full day of Christmas before the Three Wise Men come and take the tree away from them. All Christmas channels can be attracted for the last time this winter.

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January 8: Elvis Presley crown

The king of rock and roll would have turned 87 today. Pluto TV Kultfilme is taking the occasion and showing a number of its films as Girls! girls! GILRS! , King of Hot Tunes and Sailor, Ahoy!.

January 14: Skiing is hot!

If you miss out on the winter holidays, you can bring gorgeous backdrops of snow and glaciers straight to your living room with the Pluto TV documentary. Starting at 8:00 p.m., you can enjoy a snow-cold two sisters ski tour through New Zealand in the Symphony on Skis documentary.

January 17: Italian Cuisine Day

New year, new ideas for the kitchen. If you’ve always wanted to cook authentic Italian food, Pluto TV Food is the channel for January 17th. From 12 noon onwards, many professional chefs will show you simple recipes that you can cook and enjoy at home. The culinary journey is not to be missed.

20. Janwar: Night of Mystery and History

Living Mummies, A Journey Through Time to the Middle Ages, The Bloody Battle of Gubaruta. Pluto TV Mystery lives up to its name and shows all the things mentioned. From 8:00 pm on the channel you can find out the consequences of medieval mysteries, mystical tales, incredible things about the past or learn about mummies.

January 24: World Education Day

Did you know that the southern part of Europe could soon turn into a desert? Do you know the greatest history of mankind? On World Education Day, you can watch exciting documentaries all day long on Pluto TV Inside and learn something new.

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January 29th: Approaching Aviophobia

People with a fear of flying should avoid Pluto TV Thrillers movies after 10:00 PM. The Turbulence and Turbulence 2 movies rise here.

What is Pluto TV and how do I use Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a free, ad-funded streaming service offering over hundreds of live and original channels and thousands of movies on demand in partnership with major TV channels, movie studios, publishers and digital media companies. The streaming service can be used at home on SmartTV, for example via the Pluto TV app via the Fire TV Stick or the app implemented on the TV. Viewing is also available on PC via browser as well as on the go via the Pluto TV app on your smartphone or tablet. No subscription is required to use Pluto TV.

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