Players are criticizing Pokémon Go for the now-missing Key Monster Hunter feature

Players are criticizing Pokémon Go for the now-missing Key Monster Hunter feature

Pokémon Go players have expressed their dismay at Niantic for omitting a key Monster Hunter Now feature in the upcoming season, Time Travel.

The new season of Pokémon Go has been revealed under the name Journeys Out of Time. Soon, many new and exciting Pokémon will join the already expanding roster. In addition to the new Pokemon coming to the game, we will also see exciting events and community days for players as 2023 comes to a close.

However, despite all the new content and events, some Pokémon Go players can’t help but wonder where this extremely useful feature has disappeared, after years of waiting for its arrival.

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Pokémon Go fans are asking Niantic about the lack of this key feature

While sharing their frustrations on Reddit, one user asked the community: “How many seasons must pass before we have a biome indicator?”

They explained that with the announcement of a new season, “New information is revealed and with it comes the biomes and their Pokémon that will appear there. Good information for sure, but it’s still not as useful as it could be, because you still don’t know for sure which biome you’re currently in.

Of course, as they mentioned, you can guess which biome you are in, but one question remains on the minds of the community: “Why do we still have no in-game indication of which biome we’re in? After all these years, the capture screen is still the same. Is it too much to ask to have different capture screens for different biomes? If it’s so complicated, why not Taking this feature from your other game Monster Hunter Now?

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As the author mentions, in Niantic’s competing game Monster Hunter Now, biomes are constantly changing, allowing players to always have an idea of ​​what monsters they can expect to capture. Unfortunately, Pokémon Go does not have this feature.

Such a feature would be perfect for a game like Pokémon Go, especially since the series places a lot of emphasis on regions, species, and locations where you can catch certain Pokémon.

It’s not yet known if this feature will eventually be added, but with biomes already in another Niantic game, nothing is final yet.

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