An awesome new NPC character has arrived in Pokémon Go

An awesome new NPC character has arrived in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go fans are excited about the arrival of a new non-playable character (NPC) to the game, who was briefly featured in a trailer for the Time Travels season.

Although Pokémon Go doesn’t have as many NPCs as the main Pokémon games, it does contain a few notable characters that fans have become attached to. Among them is Professor Willow, who quickly attracted a passionate fanbase when he appeared in the game.

Aside from Professor Willow, the three team leaders also have fans, as do the members of Team Rocket, who appear sporadically in the open world. For many, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the regular Pokémon that constantly appear during a regular Pokémon Go gaming session.

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It looks like another NPC will be joining the roster of human characters in Pokémon Go, as fans are getting a tantalizing glimpse of him ahead of his first appearance in the game.

Pokémon Go fans can’t wait to discover the new NPC appearing in Time Travel

A user on the Silph Road Reddit page asked for information about an NPC that appeared briefly in the trailer for Pokémon Go Journeys Out of Time. Fans were quick to show their appreciation for this new character in the thread, praising his appearance.

“Let’s hope this is my new father.” One user writes, while another says, “I would literally pay to wear clothes like that.”

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Based on his appearance, this character appears to be inspired by the Walkers from the main Pokémon games. Fans are convinced that it is related to the new paths mechanic, and may reward players for completing them or assigning them quests.

Surprisingly, this character has appeared briefly before, although his name was not mentioned when first introduced. This happened a year ago, as one Redditor pointed out:

“This guy was part of the Pokémon Go 6th Anniversary (2022) artwork with another new character that we haven’t seen before in the game or anywhere else since. I didn’t expect them to show up in the game, so it was very surprising.”

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Pokémon Go could benefit from some additional characters to make its world less empty. Although the members of Team Rocket are fun, they only appear sporadically. Having more NPCs to interact with would give players a reason to stay, after completing all of their in-game quests for the day.

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