Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Package – Coming March 30th

Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Package – Coming March 30th

Frontier developmentS plc (AIM: FDEV) announced today that more animal magic is coming to Planet Zoo with the Southeast Asia Animal Pack. This brand new expansion, which launched on March 30 on Steam at a suggested retail price of $ 9.99, brings a host of long-awaited creatures to gamers.

Cloud tiger, sun bear, proboscis monkey, binturong, Malay Tapir, Ussuri dhole, North Sulawesi babirusa and Malay giant leaf bouncer come from a breathtaking region of Southeast Asia and complement the impressive list of habitats and exhibits animals that already exist. With the most new animals in any Planet Zoo package to date, budding zoo keepers can test their skills by crafting an amazing array of habitats to keep newcomers healthy and happy.

The cloud tiger is an amazing new animal, it is a medium-sized tree-dwelling cat that lives in forests and grasslands. Players, both mysterious and lonely, have the opportunity to help protect and breed this endangered species.

Another fan favorite is the honey-loving sun bear. Dependent by nature, it is not classified as a predator and can easily coexist with other species. The sun bear loves to swim and search for food before basking in hammocks. Although they need a relatively small space, players need to allow a large space outside the ground for their climbing skills.

Then there’s the proboscis monkey feat. He is the first boss to swim in Planet Zoo and splash in the water with specially designed paddle animations not found in any other animal. Breed monkeys are very social and players should keep them in groups for optimum well-being. They also have a great need for a wide variety of enrichment items and prefer animated toys and automatic feeders.

Guests will be delighted when they try to glimpse the Malaysian Giant Leaf Fence, the only animal on display in this group. This adorable creature is a professional at dodging predators, having evolved to resemble leaf and even imitate bite wounds. When you move this piece of conscious peeling, it vibrates back and forth, just like a real leaf blowing in the wind.

Additionally, there is also a new limited time scenario set in Perak, Malaysia. Here players take over the management of a wrecked zoo in a tropical rainforest biome and attempt to transform the zoo’s fate by laying out facilities, landscapes, and plants with building and landscape tools piece-by-piece typical of Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animals Pack is being offered along with a free update which brings a number of additions and improvements to the game. This includes multiple zoo entrances, video billboards, new scenario bonuses, customizable water color and amount, and the ability to save franchise zoos as sandboxes. There is also a limited-time scenario called Bernie’s First Steps, in which players transform an early version of Goodwin House into a thriving landscaped garden.

All details about updating the free content can be found at:

The Southeast Asia Animal Pack for PC is available on Steam at a suggested retail price of $ 9.99.

Please note that Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack requires the base Planet Zoo game to download and play. Planet Zoo is now available on Steam at MSRP for $ 44.99, Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition in MSRP for $ 54.99, or Planet Zoo Deluxe Upgrade Pack for $ 11.99.

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