Buy PS5: Thousands of fans can no longer see this email

Buy PS5: Thousands of fans can no longer see this email

Several dealers have now received supplies of PS5 consoles. But some Cyberport customers are still waiting for their orders.

Dresden, Germany – On November 19, 2020, the time has come: the PS5 is finally launched by Sony. The dash was great. So big that many retailer websites crash after a few minutes. Who’s Get the day of the console release It could consider itself very lucky, because the PS5 is still a rare commodity that can be resold at horrific prices. Anyone who bought a next-generation Sony console on release day should already have it at home. But some buyers: at Still waiting in vain.

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PS5 purchase: The availability of the console is driving fans crazy

The PS5 is more popular than any other Sony console before. But the Buying a PlayStation 5 is much more difficult Than he had thought. Initially, there were a few waves of pre-orders, as willing buyers could reserve one console per household. However, many retailers suffered bugs that put more consoles for sale than they actually were delivered. a The flood of cancellations came And he brought with it the first disappointment. Then the long-awaited release day finally came and we were here too All consoles sold within minutes. Buyers: They sometimes had to refresh pages for hours or wait in line for ages just to find out: It’s all gone.

Because that’s where the second problem comes in: Scalpers got scammed with the help of robots, and thousands of consoles and fans were left empty within seconds. Instead, the PS5 consoles were made for Usurious rates sold on eBay. Black market prices on eBay are slowly dropping again, but the PS5 availability remains poor. This is due to production bottlenecks in important materials, which have also resulted from the Corona pandemic.

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Buying the PS5: Buyers: Trapped Inside Cyberport’s Email Loop?

But even that is somehow understandable to many fans. However, what many no longer understand is the current situation with a very specific retailer: Cyberport. Celebrated as an insider tip on release day, the Saxon retailer now has to join in Disappointed PS5 buyers.

Buy PS5: Thousands of fans can no longer see this email

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Because on November 19 it was also shown Cyberport PS5 keyboards for sale On, unlike Müller or GameStop Without a specific delivery date. Both Müller and GameStop promised to deliver the PS5 to customers by December 15, 2020. Other retailers like Otto, Saturn, or MediaMarkt may have already sent out consoles from the release. Cyberport, however, sent Email the same content every week: „delivery date [der PS5, Anm. d. Red.] Currently indefinitely.“Presumably lucky people who ordered a Cyberport console on November 19 receive this email every week and can’t slowly see it anymore. Because the email never contains what you actually want to know: this Specified delivery date.

Buying a PS5: Buyers: Frustrated Inside – Keep Waiting or Cancel?

How can that be Four months after his release Buyers: Still not received the console inside? The problem again lies in one Technical error. This may have been the case with Cyberport More controllers are available for purchase than Sony has actually received they were. But instead of canceling all orders, the Dresden company tells customers unconfirmed information about the delivery date. You certainly can Cancel at any timeHowever, due to the general tough situation around the PS5, many fans have persevered. Some Cyberport customers have already received a PS5, and many others have to keep accepting regular email instead.

There are still connectivity issues with the Sony PS5.

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In one Mydealz forum is she The mood for Cyberport’s PS5 controllers In the meantime it is oblique. There are some buyers expressing themselves now: inside, and after console Canceled for a waiting period of more than three months to have. Because from other providers like Müller, MyToys, or MediaMarkt, they have now acquired and received the PS5 already. For those whose impatience is not yet broken, there is a small ray of hope on the horizon. Because on March 12th, some users wrote that their controllers are now sent. Should Cyberport will send out PS5 consoles after receiving the orderSoon, all buyers will be able to use order numbers 2037445XX And higher, we’re looking to confirm shipping – provided Cyberport gets it soon Once again from Sony.

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