Places that make you feel like you’re on Pandora

Places that make you feel like you’re on Pandora

Be honest, don’t you wish you could visit the water realms of the people of Mytkyina after watching “Avatar – The Way of Water”? The world that director James Cameron created on the fictional planet Pandora is truly unique and visually stunning.

We have good news for all the fans: there are also places on our Earth that are very close to the ones on Pandora. We have hand-picked places for you to dream away towards Pandora.

The luminous waters of Puerto Rico

Many kayaks are moved through the mangrove forests by people of different ages. We got to the lake, we have to wait. until it gets dark. Then the magic happens once you move your hand back and forth a bit in the water. Small white lightning flashed across the water, becoming light around the hand.

Bioluminescence is the name for this natural phenomenon that visitors to the Great Lake in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, can observe. This sea light can be enjoyed in different parts of the world, also in Australia or Jamaica.

The glowing waters of Australia are a true natural experience.

This glow is generated by a variety of bioluminescent flagella. These are single-celled organisms that can emit light. A well-known example here is the glowing buttocks of glow worms, which I certainly managed to notice in the summer.

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Even when it gets dark on Pandora, the animals, plants, and even the Na’vi, the indigenous people, begin to glow. So it is something in common between fantasy and reality.

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Palau Islands

Palau is a true South Pacific paradise and is very reminiscent of Metkayina’s home on Pandora. The island country in the Pacific Ocean consists of about 350 small islands and is part of Micronesia, which in turn includes more than 3,000 islands. It is a dream for fans of the underwater world.

Although you won’t meet the fictional sea creatures from the movie “Avatar” here, the underwater world could hardly be more colorful and diverse than on the islands of Palau. You have to plan a lot of time for the trip. Getting to Palau’s only international airport, Roman Tmetuchl International Airport, can take 25 hours.

The Palau Islands could hardly be more beautiful. There is a real Pandora feel here.

But once you’re there, you won’t be able to stop feeling amazed, just like in a cinema seat…

White beaches in the Philippines

Not too far from Palau and a little west is another place reminiscent of Pandora: the Philippines. To be more precise, the white sandy beaches where half of all postcards in the world were created.

The white beaches of the Philippines remind us of the home of the Myitkyina people in Pandora

The light blue sea that mixes with the very light beige color of the beach is especially beautiful here. A trip to the Philippines is not only worthwhile because of the resemblance to the home of Metkayina: we’ve written here what you can experience in the archipelago.

Red Woods California

Warning, spoilers for those who haven’t seen the first Avatar part: the moment humans destroyed the Na’vi’s home tree was heartbreaking. On our planet too, we feel enough that the beauty of nature is ignored due to greed for raw materials.

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In the second part of “Avatar” director James Cameron nevertheless allows us to look at the mighty trees, which are many times higher than the rest of the jungle.