Pitti Reboots With 315 Brands

Pitti Reboots With 315 Brands
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Betty imagines omo أو Ready to live with a renewed look. Many news and projects that Fortezza da Basso will welcome from June 30 to next July 2. It will be an exceptional edition, as the Florence event will be held in the audience and because the 100th edition will be celebrated. This number has decreased in hundreds of different ways and will be the subject of summer exhibitions in Betty Imagine. Multi-faceted graphics signed by the designer Francesco DondinaYou will color the castle.

The CEO explained, “We have thought of an ARs fusion system to create this fortress-infesting tag system.” Agostinho Polito On the occasion of the introductory press conference. If reading backwards 100 becomes 001, the symbol for a fresh start. Today’s event has 315 brands that will actually arrive. With those who joined the digital project home connection The number increases to 355. It will be possible to count on the presence of about 29 foreign brands from countries such as Portugal, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

“We expect about 8000 buyers to arrive from Italy and Europe as well as from Russia and the United States. Unfortunately, we will not be able to rely on eastern buyers,” the event CEO explained Raphael Napoleon. These are the assurances that have arrived so far but others will certainly arrive.”

To open the virtual conference, Claudio Marenzi, CEO of Herno and chief of Pitti Immagine. “We will be the first to leave physically. There was great work and economic effort. I thank the government for giving us a big hand.” Among the existing brands Herno LaminarAnd the Barbour e Pierre-Louis Macia. This edition will also be the focus of the special events and projects programme. “For safety reasons as well,” Polito explained, “we wanted to organize everything inside the castle to enrich the place.”

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Among the initiatives of the South African designer Magogo Thebespecial guest d Petit Omo 100A preview, Thursday 1 July, will present a special men’s collection from the brand of the same name. In addition, Fortezza will become a fashion photography site sponsored by the English magazine Arena Men +. A project in which names such as Caruso and Herno will participate, and their clothes from the new collections will be photographed by young Italian photographers.

The third edition of the sustainable style project will also be organized at Pitti Uomo 100. The absolute novelty of the summer show is Betty Studios, a content production service for images, videos and storytelling designed to advance brands’ propositions from a social and digital media perspective across channels. Another important initiative is the result of cooperation between Assopellettieri and Pitti, a facility associated with a project designed to promote Made in Italy into the leather goods sector worldwide. Version 93 of Betty Bimbo, for the first time together, while the spinning event will be held from June 28-30. Unicredit will be the main sponsor of the entire initiative, also supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs e Ice Agency. (All rights reserved)

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