Pinotier – When science meets art

Pinotier – When science meets art

A final round of applause for Scènes d'enfance 2024. With the final performance, the curtain has come down on this 17th edition of the provincial festival of live performances for young audiences.

Vilcanota Company Presentation, Roll beans, in partnership with ATP de l'Aude, which combines an offbeat conference on matter and movement with choreographic and plastic representation, has been a great success since the Na Loba Theater was full. In the afternoon, 75 students from CM1 and CM2 primary schools and their teachers were able to appreciate the outstanding performance.

As soon as the curtain rose, the children on stage participated in the applause and interaction between the scenographer and the crazy speaker, Bruno Pradet. This was followed by a natural sciences course with the famous “Nasio” laboratory of the lecturer passionate about science and especially the behavior of matter, and his companion who specialized in the somewhat lunar movement of the body… anything goes, the passage of solid matter in the liquid state, the water cycle or even the secrets of gravity.

A show that combines the burlesque of studying science through experimentation and brilliant circus choreography for a bit of dreaminess.

The audience, under the spell, really loved it Roll beansas evidenced by the numerous tributes upon its release.

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