Movie Review – No, No in Space

Movie Review – No, No in Space

after “La La's great adventure“Released in 2018 and the animated series”No no” (52 7-minute episodes dating from the same period), Autour de Minuit brings us two new adventures of Non-Non, the shy platypus. Thus, this program includes two short films with beautiful 3D animation, imitating stop motion with plastic characters, Incomplete texture, slightly choppy movements of the characters, and jerky movement of the lips to create the illusion. Therefore, young children, starting from the age of 4 years, will be delighted to find the platypus Non-Nun in his huge swimsuit. Bathing and his friends the inventor dog Grokrok, with an exciting helmet And yellow shoes, Pew the rabbit with an orange jacket (but there's nothing underneath), Grouillet the turtle with a summer dress under his shell, Zombie the frog in a one-piece swimsuit with his fancy pink glasses, and Magyfur the little crab.

in “No-no shrinkage” (2019, 26 minutes) Our young hero makes the most of his deck chair to take a nap, while his friends have a picnic. But when the wrapper of a package of potato chips flies away and lands on the top floor of a large tree, Growcross the dog takes a device to shrink and shrink from Wrong way No No. This bitch, competing first with an ant for a piece of potato chip, will have to cooperate with her and drop a huge plate, like crossing a pond with water lilies far apart. A story of adventure and mutual assistance that will lead them to the anthill, to a queen who only thinks In “Work.” The opportunity to use mischief to allow it is up to her to calm her urges for power while her friends search for her.

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Then in “No, not in space“(2022, 26') We will learn about two inventions of the dog Grokrok: first a rocket that will take them to an alien planet, where the entire force will be destroyed, then the “Traduitout” 2000, a kind of hat antenna that he will place on the head of a small alien to be able to communicate with him, more Funnier than before, the scenario pokes fun at the differences in languages, the more or less dangerous or raw plants and mushrooms of the setting, as well as the supposed passion of the local aliens for… beets, an essential plant for producing organic fuel and returning to Earth. Overall, it should These colorful worlds and these wonderful characters should appeal to those over the age of 4, for whom these two “TV specials” are intended above all.

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