Photo – Nikolai from Denmark: His romantic dream vacation in New Zealand

Photo – Nikolai from Denmark: His romantic dream vacation in New Zealand

Deposed Danish Prince Nicholas flew to the other side of the world last summer. The young man, around 25 years old, had left his home country to study for a semester in Sydney, Australia. Nikolai from Denmark and his girlfriend Benedikt Thostrup took advantage of the end of the year holiday to take a romantic trip to New Zealand. The young couple has been sharing this road trip on social media, but on Wednesday, April 10, Margrethe II's grandson posted never-before-seen photos of their stay.

Nikolai from Denmark is feeling nostalgic. A few months after discovering New Zealand, he wanted to share eight new photos on his Instagram account. The 106,000 subscribers were able to spot lovebirds in stunning landscapes. Nikolai from Denmark posted a selfie of himself with Benedikt Thöstrup in front of the mountains and the sea, and also photos of himself in front of a lake or in a field of flowers. The fallen prince added a few words to these photos: “ I forgot these pictures of New Zealand and miss this beautiful place. »

In pictures – Nikolai from Denmark: Who is this prince charming who does whatever he wants?

Nikolai from Denmark bungee jumping in New Zealand

On December 27, Count de Monpezat revealed a video in which he bungee jumped over the Nevis River, near Queenstown, New Zealand. ” Leap of faith », he wrote, explaining that he had set out to « 134 metres ” Rising. Unsurprisingly, the clip surprised many Internet users who were particularly impressed by his courage. “I could never force myself to do this,” declared one user of the popular social network. ” You are so brave, Nikolai, I would never dare do that. Happy new year said one fan, while others wrote: I'm already dead just looking at it,” or “Oh wow! what do you feel? “Nikolai from Denmark answered that bungee jumping was” Terrifying, but liberating “.

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