In pictures, a dream and a romantic vacation for the deposed Prince Nicholas of Denmark in New Zealand

In pictures, a dream and a romantic vacation for the deposed Prince Nicholas of Denmark in New Zealand

Nikolai from Denmark dream vacation
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Yesterday, the son of Prince Joachim of Denmark revealed breathtaking footage from his vacation in New Zealand with his girlfriend, Benedikt Thostrup.

Last summer, Marguerite II's grandson, 24-year-old Nicolai de Montpezat, traveled to Australia with his girlfriend Bénédicte Thostrup. Both students decided to study for a semester on the other side of the world. Once this deadline passed, a desire arose for the couple to take a vacation as the Christmas holidays approached. They went not far from Australia to New Zealand.

Out of nostalgia, the young man posted photos of their trip on Instagram on April 11, 2024, explaining in the caption: “It makes me miss this beautiful place.” He posted 8 photos to attract the attention of his 106,000 Instagram subscribers, each more impressive than the last, showing a natural scene decorated with mountains, fields, green spaces, flowers of all kinds, and lakes. Moments of happiness shared with his girlfriend, as evidenced by a selfie of the couple, with a smile on their lips and their hair blowing in the wind.

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An uncertain but happy journey

In October 2022, an announcement caused a sensation within the Danish royal family: Queen Margrethe II was removing royal titles from her grandchildren Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena, children of Prince Joachim of Denmark. According to her, this was the best way for them to choose their fate. The 23-year-old Nicholas, who became a “simple” Count of Montepezat, reacted to the news during an interview in the Danish media. Extra Bladet, Quoted here From the point of view Not without a certain sadness, he said: “It is clear that this news has deeply shocked us, especially since it was made public.”

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In 2020, the young man confided in an interview with the Danish newspaper British Telecom, WhichHe was looking for his way. After trying several fields, such as military training in 2019, or even studies in business administration at the Copenhagen Business School, he said that he did not know what he really wanted to do: “What does the future hold for me?” A purely professional level, which I do not know yet.” It will also be available to all of the opportunities available to everyone, such as the mannequin – there is a filter for the marques telling you what Dior will be in 2021 or in the rain or rain in 2022. outside. Four years later, it was done. The eldest son of Prince Joachim of Denmark went to Australia for 6 months with his girlfriend, who is believed to be the daughter of the head of the Sed Bank Banking Group, according to the newspaper. Paris match. A fallen prince, but a happy prince.

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