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Perpignan winner, ASM Clermont learned lessons last season

All Clermont fans are still thinking about the scenario of Aimee Geralt’s match last season. “Sabotage the order”, such as the title the mountain ar Une, in the Sunday issue, November 28, 2021.

While there were only a few seconds left to play and they were leading 24-19, Clermontois took time to play a touch. Matteo Rodor quickly took the free kick and played some time later, Alan Brazzo scored the winning attempt at the foot of the Auvergne pillars after working from 70 metres. The bright symbol of Juno Gibbs’ loss of control over men. But they scored three attempts in the first period…

ASM managed its role better

“Maybe it’s a message problem on my part. I take my responsibilities […] There are ideas that need to be put in place to improve our responses at crucial moments. “We will work in that direction and target that,” the New Zealander said after the match.

As we know, Rome was not built in a day. Nor Clermont. It took many weeks for the Auvergne crew to resolve this lack of control that often plagued ASM last season. And we saw it on Saturday, the response from Arthur Etoria’s partners in the same turf at Emmy-Geralle is certainly a sign that things have finally changed.

In Perpignan, the Clermontois were not offensively smart. Maybe less than last season. But this time, they came back with victory without worry. They were impressed by the commitment made by the Catalans … but they were ready for it.

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Like the ubiquitous Jacobus van Tonder in Interventions (19 successful), ASM has rarely been overcome offensively. The attempt recorded by Mathieu Acébès (78) was the only time an ASM was found. But the fate of the game has already been decided.

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‘We were able to do things right, without panicking’: Xavier Sadorny (ASM Claremont) reacts, after winning at Perpignan

To protect themselves from returning from the USAP, Clermont arranged things by adding Catalan indiscipline in the scoring areas via Anthony Belleau’s boot. This mastery on display was also expressed in the rare actions where she was able to put pressure on her opponent. Scoring an attempt (71) in a zero pass after chasing a Perpignan player five meters from inside the goal is part of the definition of knowing how to win the “Ugly”.

Last season, Claremont lost by being the sexiest. This is the complete difference.

Arno Clerge


Samuel Ezeala was scheduled to play from the start in the Perpignan midfield. But the young player suffered for a few days a slight tear in his shoulder. Employees prefer caution. In-depth examinations will be conducted at the beginning of the week to determine the severity. Finally, Jules Blisson did not go to Perpignan because his companion was expecting a happy event.

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