Percy’s immersive multi-science course

Percy’s immersive multi-science course

The universe is so wonderful. From the edges of space to The abyss of water on earthranging from concrete topics such as electricity to more abstract concepts such as… Quantum physicsthrough the extraordinary diversity and complexity of life human bodyScience is constantly striving to understand what surrounds us. It has an informative and entertaining purpose, as it is located in the heart of Bercy Village, in a unique setting of 850 square metres, Immersive multi-science course Opened its doors in 2022: the scientific experiments. With cutting-edge concept New technologiesHe moves between virtual reality, Projections and immersive technologies To offer you a real trip to the regions Scientists. A journey full of surprises, starting with a 3D image of Albert Einstein who welcomes you from the briefing room at the beginning of the journey!

the scientific experiments

In total, in addition to Briefing room Where you will discover different areas of the scientific experiments,7 Thematic rooms + Experience the lunar gravity pose cycle! First, Space Journey invites you to travel to the far reaches of the universe in virtual reality Planetarium Of a new kind, before venturing in Multi-sensory diving In the mysterious world of the abyss. Before you get to the moon, you can play Jules Verne at the center of the Earth with a gadget Video mapping experience Volcanic, discovered Secrets of the human bodyparticipate in games to learn more about Mother Nature, encounter 400,000 volts, or even teleport like a quantum particle!

the scientific experiments Imagined, thought about and designed with scientific Committee Authored by one of the greatest minds in the field: David Elbaz, AstrophysicistBill Francois, Marine life specialistallen peltier, The world of volcanoes The famous Elijah Heberle, Doctor of Molecular Biologymary Charlotte Maureen, Doctor of Biology and Nicholas Trips, a researcher in quantum optics. In terms of activities and experiences, this is it Music designers of the soul in science Who took charge of the project. The result ?

Science Experiments: Percy’s immersive science journey

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