Nanelle and Joshima in ephemeral space

Nanelle and Joshima in ephemeral space

A new exhibition is underway in the temporary space of Chaparnaud Jewelry. Both members of the “Al Caz’arts” artist group, Jocelyn Shimabukuro, the expressionist painter, and Nelly Boy, the ceramic art sculptor known as Nanell’Terre, have joined forces around the theme of nature to create an inspiring and inspiring exhibition. .

jocelyn shimabukuro,

“Josheim”, He divides his time between Toulouse and Asia. Since 1979, she has been married to a Japanese man, and since then she has explored many Japanese arts such as ikebana, calligraphy, sumi-e, and printmaking, and has participated in many classes and training to deepen her knowledge of these techniques. Several paintings from her series Territories are presented in ephemeral space, with themes of land, water and oceans… At the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures, her art is complete, complex and spiritual, reflecting depth and stability. Questioning.

Nelly Boy, “Nannel Tire” Guided by her imagination and daydreams, she has an influence on the mineral, plant and organic world. It is connected to the earth, and forms sandstone using oxides, crusts and enamel. Sometimes their decorations are made of pigments.

In some sculptures, she incorporates what nature wants to give her: sea urchins, eroded oyster shells, stones, driftwood… Her works are decorative, inspired by the seabed, various rock formations and erosions.

The exhibition can be viewed until December 30 at the Ephemeral Space of the Chabernaud jewelry store, 15 bis Boulevard du Nord, 31220 Martres-Tolosane.

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