People in these 10 countries have the most free time

People in these 10 countries have the most free time

Whether we meet friends, drink coffee, or watch series: we organize our free time very individually. But how much time do we really have left? Different all over the world. In our weekly ranking we show you the 10 countries where people have the most free time.

A lot can happen in 24 hours. We spend some hours at work, and some we use for rest and sleep. But how many hours of free time do we actually have?

Free time: This is how people spend their free time

Of course, leisure activities can be completely different. The online platform provides an overview of how people around the world use their free time Visual capitalist Analysis has begun.

They examined the time people spent, for example, watching television, listening to the radio, meeting friends and other leisure activities. Another central question was how much time people generally had for leisure.

We show you the 10 countries that spend the most time doing hobbies, etc. in our weekly ranking. Visual Capitalist counted the free minutes per day for people between the ages of 15 and 64.

Tenth place: New Zealand

Tenth place in the ranking goes to New Zealand. 301 minutes People there use it daily for their recreational activities. They spent most of their time watching TV and listening to the radio.

10th place: New Zealand ( Volz)

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