Penguin swims 3000 km to New Zealand - SWR3

Penguin swims 3000 km to New Zealand – SWR3

No one will imitate him: a penguin swims from Antarctica to New Zealand. On Earth, the animal’s care had to be restored to a healthy state.

There he stands and overlooks the sea – the penguin Adélie, who has made a very long journey. He swam about 3000 kilometers – from Antarctica to New Zealand. A local resident spotted the animal on a beach on the Banks Peninsula near Christchurch on Wednesday. New Zealand gate things Will be I mentioned about her.

The penguin had to be taken care of on Earth

Thomas Strack, the recalled penguin expert, said the penguin was a little underweight and dehydrated. He got liquid and fish juices. The feathered visitor can be seen on a video in which he appears to be looking for a penguin shot and looks very hilarious. The online portal reports that after staying in a care center in Christchurch, he was released back into the wild on Friday.

Interesting nature news of the day! The Adélie penguin appeared in today’s Canterbury from Antarctica. Only another Adélie penguin was seen in Aotearoa (Kaikoura in 1993). Video taken by Harry Singh and republished with permission.

Only three Adélie penguins swam to New Zealand

According to the Bird Encyclopedia of New Zealand New Zealand Birds Online This was only the third time since records began that the Adélie penguin had reached New Zealand from Antarctica. Prior to his plane visit, the carcass of an Adélie penguin was found in Marlborough in 1962, and a live specimen was discovered in Kaikoura in 1993. The majority of these penguins live in the Ross Sea south of New Zealand. According to the encyclopedia, there are about 3.8 million pairs.

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Why do penguins swim all the way to New Zealand?

The question remains, why did the animal endure all the hardships and swimming to New Zealand? So far there is no answer. But others are cruising around the world in a triathlon.

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