Pascal Senelaert joins the Academy of Sciences

Pascal Senelaert joins the Academy of Sciences

it’s a One of the characters of French Tech in 2022for her work at the startup QUANDELA she co-founded, and 2023 promises to be particularly rich for Pascal Senelart, who enters the Academy of Sciences.

Created by Colbert in 1666, the Academy of Sciences is a group of scientists, chosen from among the most eminent French and foreign specialists. Your reflections and discussions have the role of providing everyone with a framework of experience, advice, and warning regarding the political, ethical, and societal issues raised by science.

Under this mission, it works to share science to inform citizen choices, and formulate recommendations, on which government authorities can rely. It also supports research, is committed to quality science education, and encourages scholarly life on an international level.

We had the chance to discover it during the first episode of Unpack the quantity With Fanny Bouton and Olivier Ezratty, a show where she took us on a tour diving us into the heart of the quantum realm, as she revealed her passion for photons.

Pascal Senelaert Mardon He is developing optical components for quantum information processing. They showed that it is possible to automatically control the light emitted from nanostructures called quantum dots.

Find the full interview with Pascale Senellart-Mardon, PhD in quantum physics and co-founder of startup Quandela:

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