On the other side of dreams

On the other side of dreams

It’s 4 p.m., you may have just emerged from a digestive nap, and you’re still sleepy remembering your hilarious dream. But what are dreams?

It is said that while dreaming, chemist Dmitri Mendeleev invented the periodic table of the elements. We know the functions of sleep, but what are the functions of dreams, bad dreams and nightmares? Every night we spend hours dreaming. The same researchers spend hours trying to unravel this mysterious dream-like mechanism. Can neuroscience fully understand this phenomenon?

On the other side of dreams

We are glad to receive Celia Lacko Postdoctoral researcher at the Brain Institute in Paris and at the Department of Sleep Diseases at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital Perrin Ruby , an Inserm researcher in cognitive neuroscience at the Lyon Center for Neuroscience Research. Head of the project “Sleep, Dreaming and Cognition”, author of the book

“Dreaming While Imprisoned” .

today’s report

Meeting with Delphine Odette , a neuroscience researcher on Moffitt’s team at the Brain Institute in Paris. Typically, researchers study dreams through brain recordings of sleep and subsequent transcriptions of dreams. This causes problems because it is not known exactly when the dreams occurred on the recordings, nor if the transcripts of the sleepers represented what he was actually dreaming of. Thanks to narcolepsy lucid dreamers, it is possible to study dreams in real time, to obtain information in real time and to establish some form of communication with the sleepers. by Noémie Naguet de Saint-Vulfran :

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