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Party in the Time of Corona – Home Dance – Bad Tolls and Wolvertshausen

For Robin Gerk, dance is “food”. Penzberg’s music coordinator and producer usually spins parties all over Germany, preferably in unusual places such as museums or cinemas. For a year now, dance fans indoors and outdoors have been providing rhythms to their living rooms. To celebrate the “home dance” related to the Coronavirus, he invites you to a private party on Saturday 10 April. Then it is broadcast live from Ampere Club at Muffatwerk in Munich. Florian Decker will be there as guest DJ, The No Brass Panda– Drummer Manuel da Coll aka CPT. Youserian and photographer Massimo Fioretto (photos).

The idea of ​​broadcasting party music seems to be a hit. For a year now, Gehrke has been broadcasting his carefully selected mix of music from different locations every Saturday, reaching “several thousand dance fans”, as he puts it, not only the regular, but also a whole new audience in Germany and even the world. ” From Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Corfu, London, Hawaii, Austria and Italy. Everyone is dancing for themselves at home, but everyone is connected. “This is a new feature that only streaming makes possible.” There is always a lively exchange in YouTube conversations. “Sometimes you can literally feel like it.” Lightness and celebration, and this is unusual in the time of Corona.

In addition to his house and garden in Penzberg, the Buchheim Museum in Bernried and the Bavarian National Museum in Munich, the Maxim Kino in Munich and the Kino P in Penzberg, his sister-in-law’s living room in Bielefeld, the Penzberg Museum, they served as broadcast stations for him Luther Church in Cologne or Valentin Stauberl. In Munich. He always invites special guests to these special places, such as DJs like Florian Decker or musicians like Roland Bell (percussion, Fanta 4). Of course, everything is “according to the Corona cleaning regulations.” He sees his parties as events across genres, generations, and cultures. The collections that put him together in the catalyst of the moment include universal rhythms, global, oriental, Latin, Afro, Cumbia and Balkan pop styles. He now mainly hunts his tracks from the internet and mixes them – after consulting with musicians – with more famous titles like tuba techno from La Brass Banda or sirtaki from the movie “Alexis Sorbas”.

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Broadcasting is also becoming more and more visual pleasure. Photographer Massimo Fioretto is often present at the mixer and demonstrates the music in his visual language.

Rupen Gehrke flows (roughly) every Saturday from 8 PM to 10:30 PM.; More info under

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