Paragliding over New Zealand: cinematic images of an extraordinary flight

Paragliding over New Zealand: cinematic images of an extraordinary flight

Dream Coast from above Fly over New Zealand in a glider

Cinematic images of an extraordinary trip to New Zealand: Wherever they can, the couple dons their gliders and flies over stunning coastal stretches in New Zealand’s North and South Islands.

Soar and drift: float like a bird in flight Rebecca Bredehoeft And Kid Palmer On unusual landscapes. Whether North America or the Himalayas or New ZealandThe two run along the rugged mountain slopes to avoid the abyss and fall. But the Americans are not wearing suits, but are hanging from the ropes of their gliders. They sail back toward land at a gentle pace, supported only by the wind.

During their trip to New Zealand in 2015, the couple, who reside in the US state of Wyoming, traveled to the “most beautiful end in the world” in a minivan. Also in your luggage: Your gliders. Where the environment allowed, they unloaded their air sports equipment and looked at the North and South Islands from above.

Paragliders photograph each other

In her film recordings titled “Simple kiwi migration” Posted on Vimeo, it shows magnificent stretches of coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. It is carried with great ease by the wind, defying gravity, over roaring waves, over snow-capped mountain peaks, green slopes, meadows and fern forests. .

The special thing about this video, which is only partially condensed into a time lapse: They’re filming each other. This means that the audience not only participates in this aerial acrobatic ballet, but also gets the feeling of taking off on a glider and getting to know New Zealand from its most beautiful side.

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