Le Parc national de Canyonlands, dans l'Utah.

Paleontologists have discovered a fossil of an unknown animal that is 300 million years old

Paleontologists unearthed a 300-million-year-old animal fossil in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park on October 23, according to reports. CNN. The skeleton contains a tetrapod skeleton (four legs) but it is currently impossible to determine its type. The only tangible items provided by researchers relate to the classification of the animal: was it a reptile or a mammal.

«It is a wonderful fossil. You don’t see this every dayExcited Adam Marsh, a paleontologist at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. “This basically means that there are certainly other fossils of this kind here.”, is fuller. Specialists place their discoveries in chronological order in the Permian or Pennsylvanian periods, between 305 and 295 million years ago.

One year of work to identify the species

The skeleton was intact when it was discovered, and the bones were inlife site‘, that is, in the position the animal adopts in its life. Adam Hotel Walker, a specialist on the team, explained that the vertebrates were laying eggs.

The fossil was transported to the Petrified Forest Park Laboratory for testing and surveying. Attempting gender recognition can take at least a year, although it may be unsuccessful. Thus, the research is likely to lead to the discovery of a new animal, which is extremely rare. “This is the chance of a lifetime for me, perhaps the only one in my life’,” Adam Hatlocker insisted.

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