Over 30,000 tickets have already been sold

Over 30,000 tickets have already been sold

Rome Exactly two months away from the comeback Guinness Six Nations, open again to the public after closed doors in 2021, at Olympic Stadium in Rome. Sunday February 13, in the second round of Competition, the Azure From Kieran Crowley will hostEngland, symbolically starting from the meeting that should have taken place in Olympic Sold out in every order on the eve of Spring 2020 and then discontinued due to the turmoil of the past two years. For each edition played in even years, Italy will play two home matches in CompetitionReturning to the Eternal City a month later, on Saturday March 12th in the fourth round, for the great classics against Scotland. More than thirty thousand tickets out of the nearly one hundred thousand tickets available have already been sold, even before the launch of the Corporate Communications campaign which, from today and increasingly in the coming weeks, will cover not only key federal contact points but gradually. Characterize the capital and more.

Parisse and two young people among the testimonies of the eve promotion campaign


The campaign is developed by the Union, highlights the two main pillars of the date, the tournament itself, which is Olympic Stadium, to give a personal prestige and international caliber to the event. The video shows the teams participating in my matchesOlympic, in a visual aberration that tends to enhance the beauty and prestige of the world’s oldest tournament, along with some of its most important champions. Compared to previous campaigns, creativity is enriched by the presence of the competing teams and their most representative athletes, promising entertainment and amusement but also conveying a sense of the challenge that awaits Azure, called to deal with the best that international rugby has to offer today. with Danilo Fichte e Paolo GarbessiTwo young men with greater prospects, will be there Sergio Paris, the unforgettable protagonist of more than one hundred and forty international battles, is ready to put himself once again – his last – at the service of Italian rugby.

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